Favorite hiking paths in Lake/Geauga County

in process — more to be added.


I found the Greenway for the boys to hike in 2018. In 2019 I started to venture onto the Maple Highlands trail, where some portions are close, just south of us. It’s a bit different as of course bikers, joggers, and skaters often are on it also, and it’s nice for rainier/cooler weather as you won’t have so many waterlogged areas where you can’t pass as can happen on the dirt trails. I tend to mix it up and go bikeways for a while then trails for a while. It’s fun to have such a variety!

http://www.lakemetroparks.com/parks-trails/greenway-corridor Lake County Bike path


Of course driving me nuts that that is not formatted correctly above, but click on Lake and Geauga to see the entrances and areas.


http://www.lakemetroparks.com/parks-trails All of the Lake Metropark trails. GO TO THIS SITE above first if you want to see all the parks in Lake County. Then, you can also go to the Geauga County Parks here – https://www.geaugaparkdistrict.org/ – we go to Big Creek quite often though we haven’t ventured to several of the others.

This list BELOW I typed in Word in 2016 or so. It needs updated, but glad I could import into this blog!

Liberty Hollow


6735 Fay Road, Painesville

5 parking spots, may not always find parking.  Beautiful park over hilly ridges by river.

Chagrin River Park


3100 Reeves Road, Willoughby.  Gorgeous trails.  Can be crowded.

Chapin Forest


9938 Chillicothe road, Kirtland

Hilly paths

Girdled Road Reservation


12840 Girdled Road, Concord

Circular trail (with extension park that makes longer – up to 1.5 miles) on left.  More strenuous hilly path to right that links to other trails covering many miles!

Baker Rd. Park


4960 Baker Rd., Leroy.  Went just once, was a straight tree lined path, very quiet and beautiful.

Beaty Landing

477 E. Walnut (lower drive, goes to river.  upper driveway – walk up and down big hill to trails.  River area has a walkway in the middle where you can walk to the forest area.

Lake Erie Bluffs


3301 Lane Road, Perry – Don’t miss it. 4 story observatory paths in the woods by the lake. TWO entrances, one by the observatory, the other by the shelter. There is also a third area to park right in the road by more paths.

North Chagrin Reservation


3037 SOM Center, Willoughby – Tons of paths

Penetentiary Glen


8668 Kirtland Chardon Road, Kirtland

Waterfall, huge gorge

Chair Factory Falls


7125 Ravenna Rd., Painesville

Lots of hiking available on bike path, and two entrances to get to the chair falls. Found in 2020 – two more paths off of Alexander road off of 608, the ENVIRONMENTAL LEARNING CENTER – where you can park right at the beginning of the path and see the Chair Falls over a bridge. You can also reach them from above entrance but it will be a longer hike 🙂

Chagrin River Park


3100 Reeves Rd., Willoughby

Bridge over river, hiking through fields and forests

Hidden Valley Park


4872 Klasen Rd., 6500 River Road.  Madison

I was only at the Klasen Rd. entrance — beautiful trail by the river, a mile walk altogether to end and back.  Web site says there is loop trail at other entrance.