As I reload an FTP file —

I thought this was a good time, as I’m waiting, to remind everyone it’s a good idea to check your audio before you’re starting a job! As a general rule, I load up my audio right after I download it, and check the length of the file, and make sure it’s audible, and that all the parts of the file are there in the packet, as well as any documentation expected.

I did not do this with this file, and now find myself in the evening hoping the re-downloading of the audio off the FTP will solve the problem. If it does not, I’ll have to wait until morning when the transcription company opens and have them resend me the file. I will still meet my deadline, but was planning to type tonight while my son was here playing with his dad and get a lot done. Because I missed taking 5 minutes to check my downloaded audio this week, I am missing an opportunity to get a head start on my file.

UNLESS it downloads this time. We’ll see.

So today’s lesson — after you download your work, write down the length, make sure it’s audible, and that it is the items that you were expecting. Listen to a few seconds of the file to make sure it’s the right case. And don’t get sloppy like me and skip that step “just for now.”

Blessings —

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