Legal transcription

Long overdue update.

I just sent this blog to a coworker as an example of how blogging can help publish company newsletters.  I then saw I had three comments on my wordpress mirror from 2011!!  Then I see I had one here from 2010!  I do appreciate that very much, and hopefully will someday get back to updating here!

It would take too long to update everything that has happened in the past 5 years, but I do want to encourage everyone that legal transcription and other transcription formats are very valid and enjoyable home businesses, and that researching them and getting them started can be very worthwhile!!  Due to various home situations and going back to school I took a leave of absence in 2011 and did not return.  I am currently about 2 years away from becoming a special needs teacher, one and half years away from doing my student teaching, and have been working in the health care field, so it is unlikely I will be back practicing in legal transcription.  We also balance continuing to raise our three children, two of which are adults!

However, I still recommend www.transcriptionessentials as a highly effective forum to get more information on transcription, and would also recommend reading at as well.  I do continue to perform data entry with my husband for research companies, both online and at courthouses, and would encourage you to research that as well. I am not familiar right now who is hiring in either that field or transcription however, as I am completely out of the loop.

Best wishes and speedy typing to you all!