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Substitute teaching

As we are making the push to blog again here on business and education and also getting ready to redo our family blog, I wanted to share some information on substitute teaching that many didn’t know. I will be sharing more about this but just wanted to let everyone know something now as it is so important and something I didn’t know!

One can substitute teach in many schools without a teaching license! You just need a bachelors degree. This is to be an actual teacher. You can substitute as an aide without a degree. Many many schools are desperate for help both for teachers, aides, and I am sure also transportation drivers and aides. If you are so inclined, contact your local schools and/or educational service center! A link to a few of the web site advertisements follow. I have been working as a substitute teacher for over a year now and do not yet have my teachers license. I love the flexibility.

Some Lake County opportunities

Two more Lake County opportunities are actually here even tho this is Medina County.